Solid Tumour
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5 approved drugs
Solid Tumour
Molecular Synopsis
Drugs and clinical candidates

5 drugs have received FDA approval for Solid Tumour:

  • Dactinomycin
  • Denosumab
  • Pembrolizumab
  • Rasburicase

No drugs have a clinical trial registered for Solid Tumour.

5954 compounds have been tested in Solid Tumour (3889 <= 500nM potency).

Sources:,, ChEMBL.

Clinical trials
There are 0 clinical trials for Solid Tumour, none of which have one or more drug interventions, none with no drug intervention.
Cell line models

There are 0 Cell Line Models for Solid Tumour.

Source: COSMIC
Cell line models

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The following terms have been mapped from mesh condition terms to Solid Tumour:
    The following terms have been mapped from to Solid Tumour:
    • Broken bones and other bone problems caused by multiple myeloma or by solid tumors that have metastasized (spread) to bone. This use is approved for the Xgeva brand of denosumab
    • Tumor lysis syndrome in patients with leukemia, lymphoma, or malignant solid tumors. It is used when the treatment is expected to cause high blood levels of uric acid
    • Solid tumors. It is used as palliative and/or adjuvant therapy for disease that has recurred (come back)
    • Microsatellite instability-high (MSI-H) or mismatch repair deficient (dMMR) cancer that is metastatic and cannot be removed by surgery. It is used in adults and children for:Solid tumors that have gotten worse after other treatment or that cannot be treated with other therapies.????
    • Solid tumors that have an NTRK gene fusion without a drug-resistance mutation in tropomyosin receptor kinase (TRK) protein. It is used in adults and children whose cancer has metastasized (spread to other parts of the body) or cannot be removed by surgery and cannot be treated with other therapies or has gotten worse after other treatment